The noise this group creates and the outward flowing negativity is 
seriously embarrassing. How can you all be OK with this?

I literally wish there was a "Block/Mute PHP-Fig" button on the "Internet"; 
if only that's how it worked. This is doing nothing positive for the PHP 
community. The constant bickering and back lashing.

At the moment, from an outside perspective, this is not a community I want 
to remotely associate with.

On Wednesday, 24 August 2016 07:14:17 UTC+2, Michael Cullum wrote:
> Hi all,
> I pulled the vote for FIG 3.0 in order to give people a chance to provide 
> more feedback as people expressed a wish to give it a bit more time. *The 
> vote will open on the 10th September.*
> To quote from my previous post:
> Ultimately, if FIG 3.0 is to go through, it's going to be a huge change 
>> for the operation of the FIG and the proposal should be just right before 
>> putting it to a vote, with no open issues on the proposal itself. 
>> Especially now with an alternative option (a new organisation) being 
>> prominently discussed (suggested by Joe and Paul), members deserve a fair 
>> vote on the future of the FIG with a vote untainted by votes on process 
>> issues or resolvable unresolved content issues and with a proposal that is 
>> solid with any issues and feedback addressed. The vote will then 
>> essentially become a case of do you want the FIG group to transition to the 
>> new structure (dubbed FIG 3.0), or should other options be followed (e.g. 
>> Shutting down FIG in favor of a new organization following FIG 3, changing 
>> nothing etc.).
>> I'd stress that feedback is really important to the proposal and it's 
>> still of course open for changes based on feedback such as when referenda 
>> was added to the proposal.
> The TL;DR of FIG 3.0 can be found here <>.
> The specs diff can be found in the PR, or you can just read through the 
> new bylaws here <> or 
> you can just view the bylaws as is (without viewing as a diff) here 
> <>.
> If you have any questions about the spec or wish to discuss points 
> further, feel free to post here or create a new topic prefixed [FIG 3.0].
> --
> Michael C

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