On 09/21/2016 08:57 PM, Stefano Torresi wrote:
As far as I can tell, the problem is that currently the so called LinkCollectionInterface describes two methods which, as per docblocks, "return a collection". So we have something called collection which in turn returns collections; not ideal.

Calling it "Catalog" doesn't cut it, in my opinion, because the ambiguity remains: "catalog" can easily be interpreted as a synonym of "collection". "Collector" doesn't cut it either, because I would expect it to provide some kind of command (i.e. "collect()"), not queries.

Now I'm not big on naming, but something like LinksProvider or LinkCollectionProvider would probably communicate the intent more accurately.

Then again, the presence of EvolevableLinkCollectionInterface makes it even more unclear whether or not we're talking about something that is-a collection or has-a collection. I understand the need for this interfaces, but the current naming is confusing.
I don't know better, I'll let you folks brainstorm on this.


Matthew and I discussed this a bit. LinksProviderInterface is the first suggestion that for lack of a less emotionally-based term "clicks", and doesn't become even more confusing. We're tempted to add that to the poll and restart it. :-) (I saw you posted it there, too.) As you note, though, EvolvableLinkProviderInterface would be a bit odd. Thoughts from others?

Really, the core issue is that the object in question contains links, and MAY allow you to add more to them, but ALSO contains other stuff that isn't links. So it is a collection of links, but doesn't have the exclusivity that "collection" has come to have. (Viz, it's not a fancy OOP array of links.) That's really the problem; the name "collection" would have likely been fine 3 years ago, but these days we expect more of that word but have no word to replace its previous, more limited meaning. :-/

--Larry Garfield

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