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Am Montag, 3. Oktober 2016 01:44:02 UTC+2 schrieb Michael Cullum:
> As per the FIG 3.0 bylaws, all member projects must, between the 1st 
> October and 31st October, declare they wish to remain a member project of 
> the FIG. If you don't wish to remain, then it would be useful for you to 
> also state this so we don't chase you up on it. Project reps, simply reply 
> to this topic if you wish to remain.
> I'd note that with FIG 3.0; there is much less of a burden/requirement for 
> project reps to put time into FIG efforts, but of course remaining ensures 
> you can still have a main seat at the table in deciding who steers the FIG 
> and assurance to be involved in any PSRs that are relevant to your project 
> and you can of course continue to be as actively involved (or more so) than 
> presently too.
> Should any old member projects who have previously left wish to re-join 
> the FIG due to the new lower requirement on activity, I imagine in January 
> there will be a combined vote for new member projects.
> Many thanks,
> The Secretaries

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