This is a lot of text, I'm still not sure I understand the problem we are 
trying to solve in this thread?

> The `ParentAwareContainerInterface` is a formal way of saying "this 
container can have a parent". Nothing more, nothing less.

Then we are back to discuss "marker-interface" VS "no-interface", which has 
already been discussed for a long time: if the interface is useless it 
shouldn't exist.

> Thus, this interface is useful to any consumer that needs to be 
hierarchy-aware. Up to now, there is no concept of hierarchy in the 
standard, and the use of the interface would be to introduce that concept.

Can you point to a real use case that is being used in the wild, and that 
deserves to be part of a PSR (i.e. that is part of the 80%-90% problem, not 
just a very isolated use case)?

I understand that a few edge case things *might* be possible with it, but 
the very important question is "do we need it?"


Le lundi 10 octobre 2016 14:21:55 UTC+2, Xedin Unknown a écrit :
> Just wanted to add something.
> If I understood correctly, David suggested that all hierarchy is flattened 
> so that all containers have the same parent - the root container - for the 
> sake of faster lookup. If that is true, than I would like to remind 
> everyone that in my proposal, the amount of nesting is implementation 
> detail. If the DI implementation wants to have the same parent for all 
> containers, *they can do that*. However, I don't see why they must be 
> required to do that.
> My demo implementation would work just the same if there was one level, 
> without having to change anything.
> Thanks.
> I remain,
> Anton.
> On Monday, October 10, 2016 at 12:48:56 PM UTC+2, David Négrier wrote:
>> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-MJQw2yspEUE/V_tt0Bg3xPI/AAAAAAAAB8s/Z6txSatzpM83T_v0AqUvcQXvgitUuzS1ACLcB/s1600/container_explanation.png>
>> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-MJQw2yspEUE/V_tt0Bg3xPI/AAAAAAAAB8s/Z6txSatzpM83T_v0AqUvcQXvgitUuzS1ACLcB/s1600/container_explanation.png>
>> Hey,
>> Ok I spent the week-end trying to think about the pros and cons of this 
>> proposal.
>> @XedinUnknown, I'm not sure I understood 100% of your proposal so I'll 
>> try to rephrase it. If I'm wrong, let me know.
>> I understand you are trying to improve the "delegate lookup feature". 
>> Your goals are:
>> - to make it "explicit" that a container is implementing the "delegate 
>> lookup feature"
>> - to make it possible to nest containers at an unlimited level (to be 
>> able to nest a composite container in another composite container...)
>> To do so, you propose to add a new interface named 
>> ParentAwareContainerInterface 
>> <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di/blob/master/src/ParentAwareContainerInterface.php>.
>> This interface is exposing a single method "getParentContainer()" that 
>> returns the parent container if any (i.e. the composite container 
>> containing this container).
>> When resolving a dependency, the container goes up the chain of parent 
>> containers 
>> <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di/blob/master/src/AbstractParentAwareContainer.php#L39-L55>
>> until it reaches the root container. It uses the root container to look up 
>> any dependency (just like in the current delegate lookup feature).
>> Here are a few thoughts about this idea:
>> First: who is consuming the ParentAwareContainerInterface 
>> <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di/blob/master/src/ParentAwareContainerInterface.php>?
>> This interface is consumed by "child" containers. If a container is a leaf 
>> in the container tree (so if it is not a composite container), then there 
>> is no need for it to implement the ParentAwareContainerInterface 
>> <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di/blob/master/src/ParentAwareContainerInterface.php>.
>> The interface is trivial to implement and is a good declaration of intent 
>> (your container states it supports delegate lookup feature) but it is none 
>> the less useless. This interface is only useful for composite containers 
>> (so that they can also be bundled into parent composite containers).
>> Second, each container now needs to find the root container by going up 
>> the container tree. In your sample, you do this while resolving a service 
>> <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di/blob/master/src/AbstractParentAwareContainer.php#L64>.
>> This is a bit of a problem performance-wise because this will slow service 
>> resolving (and this is a major no no for many implementors). Of course, 
>> there is a simple way around that. Finding the root container could be done 
>> only once, possibly in the constructor. This assumes that the parent 
>> container is passed to the child container constructor (or at build time). 
>> This also assumes that the parent container will never change in the life 
>> of a container (this is a safe assumption). Looking at @XedingUnknown code, 
>> this means that stuff like containers with mutable parents 
>> <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di/blob/master/src/ContainerWithMutableParent.php>
>> should be forbidden and only containers with immutable parents 
>> <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di/blob/master/src/ContainerWithImmutableParent.php>
>> should be allowed.
>> If we assume that the "parent" container is always passed to containers 
>> in their constructor, it means that containers MUST be constructed in the 
>> order of the tree (from top to bottom).
>> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-MJQw2yspEUE/V_tt0Bg3xPI/AAAAAAAAB8s/Z6txSatzpM83T_v0AqUvcQXvgitUuzS1ACLcB/s1600/container_explanation.png>
>> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-MJQw2yspEUE/V_tt0Bg3xPI/AAAAAAAAB8s/Z6txSatzpM83T_v0AqUvcQXvgitUuzS1ACLcB/s1600/container_explanation.png>
>> I made a picture so it would be more clear. If the "root container" 
>> exists before "Composite A" and if "Composite A" exists before "Container 
>> 1", then when "container 1" is created, instead of passing an instance of 
>> composite A, it should directly be passed an instance of the root 
>> container. That way, "container 1" does not have to go up the tree to find 
>> the root container. This makes the proposed "ParentAwareContainerInterface" 
>> useless, because finding the root container can be and should be done 
>> *before* the container is created.
>> @XedingUnknown, I understand your concerns that the "delegate lookup 
>> feature" of PSR-11 is not backed by a solid interface. After careful 
>> consideration, I'm not sure your proposal of adding a getter really solves 
>> any issues (because we already can nest several containers). However, you 
>> are making clear that we never spoke about the way containers should be 
>> created (and who should come first between the parent and the child 
>> container). After thinking about your proposal, what is now clear to me is 
>> that the parent should be created before the children (and maybe we should 
>> stress that out in the META document).
>> If I was to add another interface, it would more likely be a "container 
>> factory" (a la zend-expressive) that can create a container while passing 
>> the parent container in parameter:
>> interface ContainerFactoryInterface {
>>     // A composite container could use an array of 
>> ContainerFactoryInterface to build containers, passing them the very root 
>> container.
>>     public function createContainer(ContainerInterface $rootContainer);
>> }
>> @mnapoli, @mweierophinney, any thoughts about this? Do you think we need 
>> to consider this or am I overtinking things?
>> I think we also need to discuss more here the "delegate lookup feature". 
>> It is an optional feature, not backed by an interface and this is 
>> unprecedented in other PSRs (correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think 
>> other PSRs have similar optional features). To the rest of the members 
>> here, do you think we should do something special regarding this? 
>> Espceially, how should an implementing container advertise that it is 
>> supporting PSR-11 with/without delegate lookup feature?
>> Best regards,
>> David.
>> Le vendredi 7 octobre 2016 18:58:51 UTC+2, Xedin Unknown a écrit :
>>> Hi all,
>>> The delegate lookup feature of Container Interop didn't get as much 
>>> attention as I feel it deserves. Specifically, it is lacking formalization 
>>> in PHP - an interface. I started this conversation , but was instructed 
>>> that the mailing list is the better way to go.
>>> It seems that many would agree with me in that it would be great to have 
>>> the standard backed by an interface. There was talk of an interface 
>>> <https://github.com/container-interop/container-interop/pull/8>, but 
>>> the idea was shot down due to forcing the implementation to declare a 
>>> setter. I completely agree that forcing a setter is a bad idea.
>>> *But why not a getter?*
>>> * <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di>*
>>> *XedinUnknown/di <https://github.com/XedinUnknown/di>* is an example of 
>>> an implementation that would achieve lookup delegation while depending on 
>>> one method of one interface. The rest is implementation details.
>>> In short, the container that wishes to delegate must pass its parent 
>>> (or, in my implementation, the "root" parent), if set, to the service 
>>> definition callable. If the callable is a composite container, it will 
>>> forward the call to the first child container that contains the definition. 
>>> Please find a more expanded description in the repo's Readme.
>>> Looking forward to your comments, questions, or suggestions.

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