Good morning everyone

I’m writing to the list to express my interest in being nominated as a 
member of the FIG Core Committee. I’m seeking a nomination in this way as I 
have no strong affiliation with any of the Member Projects.

Allow me to introduce myself. Originally from New Zealand I’ve been living 
in the UK for the last 10 years. I built my first dynamic web site in 1997 
(using something called Claris Dynamic Markup Language, which you’ve likely 
never heard of ;-), and my first PHP-based site the following year. Since 
then I’ve been a developer, business analyst, project manager and product 
owner on web projects of various scale using a mix of custom code, 
self-built framework, WordPress, Drupal and Symfony. These days I’m a 
freelance developer working mostly with Symfony.

Over recent years I’ve become increasingly involved in the PHP community; 
attending conferences, user groups, speaking at user groups and for the 
last two years have been a co-organiser for PHPHants, a user group based in 
Portsmouth in the UK. Early in 2017 I’m moving to Latvia where initially my 
inability to speak the local language will make being involved in the 
community there more difficult!

In his session at SymfonyCon Berlin Michael referred to the FIG as the 
United Nations of the PHP community. Extending that metaphor further 
(perhaps too far) I see the Core Committee as like the UN Security Council 
comprised of a mix of Permanent Members - those from FIG Member Projects, 
and non-Permanent Members - those elected from the broader PHP community, 
where I see myself fitting well.

Why should you nominate (and ultimately elect) me? Working as a freelancer 
means that I’m well organised and focused, but also able to be flexible 
with my schedule and so capable of committing time to the FIG as and when 
it’s needed. I’m passionate about the things I get involved in, an advocate 
for change, making progress and highly details-focused. Additionally as a 
relative newcomer to the PHP community I don’t carry the baggage of the 
past - not being from a Member Project I am also totally impartial!

Thanks for taking the time to read this far - if you’d like to talk with me 
further about why I’m interested in being involved and why I think I would 
be an asset to the Core Committee then please don’t hesitate to get in 
touch. If I’ve been able to convince you that I’m a good choice then I’d 
greatly appreciate your nomination.



Steve Winter

Mobile: +44 777 852 4776

Skype: matatirosolutions

Twitter: @SteveWinterNZ

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