On 1/12/17 15:08, Larry Garfield wrote:
Late in the week, I know, but this is when I had time. :-(


I understand the reasons why the delegate lookup was removed outright,
and I do not dispute them.  However, the net result is that we have an
interface that is almost trivial, on a topic that is of questionable
appropriateness in the first place.  (I still question the validity of a
container interface at all.)  That is, with that removed, what's left to
standardize?  get() and has() are barely an specification.

I think we, as a group, underestimate the consequences of Larry's concern number 2 (above).

Of course, having a specification with just a get() and a has() methods makes it really easy to implement; and in fact, doing so in Symfony is trivial (see https://github.com/symfony/symfony/pull/21265).

But is it really enough for interoperability? I doubt it. I won't even talk about configuration as it has been debated in the past. Containers have more features and they are using it. So, internally, each container is going to still use their interfaces and not the simple PSR one. So, no interoperability here. There is also the discoverability issue (no set, so what about id discoverability), but this has already been discussed as well. The delegate lookup feature would have been a good selling point for this PSR (even if personally I disagree with it usefulness), but it's out now.

I do understand that the group spent a lot of time trying to figure out something that works for most projects, and I really appreciate their work, but **can we admit that the result is deceptive and not useful enough to standardize?**

just my 2cts of course,

--Larry Garfield

On 12/31/2016 02:57 PM, Matthew Weier O'Phinney wrote:
Greetings, on this last day of 2016! (For some of you, it's already

I'm rebooting the REVIEW period for PSR-11 as of now; review will end
at 11:59 on 13 January 2017, with the possibility of starting a vote
under the existing FIG 2.0 by-laws possible immediately thereafter.

The changes since the previous review period started include:

- All exceptions were moved into the `Psr\Container` namespace
(instead of the `Psr\Container\Exception` namespace as was done

- Clarifications were added around inclusion of OPTIONAL parameters to
the `get()` method by _implementing libraries_, noting that doing so
is allowed by PHP, but discouraged, due to ambiguity in behavior
between implementations.

- Added a formal definition of an entry identifier for use with
`get()` and `has()`, noting that these may be any valid non-empty

- Removed all verbiage around the delegate lookup feature. Consensus
was that this is an interesting feature, but something that may be
implemented by libraries while still following the specification. If
anybody feels the need to formalize this detail, it can be done in a
later specification without breaking compatibility with the current

We have also rejected the proposed
`MisconfiguredServiceExceptionInterface`.  David has previously noted
reasons not to include it
which received no rebuttal. We feel it does not add value to consumers
currently, would likely be problematic in terms of performance, and
dictates too many details around implementation.

Please review the specification again at this time, and let us know as
soon as possible if you see any potential problems that remain to be

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