I write my projects using PSR-2 enforced by my IDE (PhpStorm) and have 
phpcs constantly in the background too. While working today, I found 
something odd that I would like to discuss in this list.

I wrote this:

use App\Services\AuditTrail\Actions\{

But phpcs complains that according to PSR-2 I should use this:

use App\Services\AuditTrail\Actions\ModelPreUpdate;
use App\Services\AuditTrail\Actions\ModelPostUpdate;
use App\Services\AuditTrail\Actions\ModelCreated;
use App\Services\AuditTrail\Actions\ModelDeleted;

I looked it up on the PHP-FIG website 
<https://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-2/#3-namespace-and-use-declarations> and 
indeed phpcs was right.

Is there a particular reason for this? Seems to me the group use 
declarations are much more readable and shorter to write/read. 
Or is this maybe something that was decided pre PHP7 when group use 
declarations didn't exist?

Just curious to know...

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