Hey Guys,

After having built quite a few packages to integrate services into PSR-11 
containers, I have to say PSR-11 has made this incredibly nice and IMO has 
solved a lot of issues building libraries that just work across different 
frameworks.   That said, there is still one issue that has hit me on each 
of these libraries getting configuration out of the different containers.   
As each framework stores configuration in a different way there seems to be 
no uniform way to retrieve it.  This leads to unnecessary implementation 
specific code. 

Here's an example of what I mean.

        // Symfony config is parameters. //
        if (method_exists($container, 'getParameter')
            && method_exists($container, 'hasParameter')
            && $container->hasParameter('my-key')
        ) {
            return $container->getParameter('my-key');

        // Zend uses config key
        if ($container->has('config')) {
            return $container->get('config')['my-key'];

        // Slim Config comes from "settings"
        if ($container->has('settings')) {
            return $container->get('settings')['my-key'];

As you can see, this is one area where PSR-11 could use some improvement.   
I did see a thread dated few years ago where someone had started a 
conversation to address this.   Has there been any movement or other 
conversations about this?   If not, is there anything I can do to help move 
this conversation forward?

Thanks in advance,
Westin Shafer

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