Hi everyone.

About logging exceptions, PSR-3 says:

If an Exception object is passed in the context data, it MUST be in the 
> 'exception' key. Logging exceptions is a common pattern and this allows 
> implementors to extract a stack trace from the exception when the log 
> backend supports it. Implementors MUST still verify that the 'exception' 
> key is actually an Exception before using it as such, as it MAY contain 
> anything. (https://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-3/#13-context)

When this was published, PHP 7 wasn't released and Throwable interface 
didn't exist. I have several questions about this.

Should Throwable be taken into account?

If so, should we update PSR-3 or is it better to write a new PSR (like with 
PSR-12 for PSR-2)?

Do we want to keep using 'exception' as key? Should we use 'error'? 
'throwable'? All of them?


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