I am designing a network of Internet sites on NT5 using PHP.  However, when 
I go live with the network, it will be on a Linux system using PHP.

My sites are handled somewhat uniquely.  When a visitor (or a component of 
the network) enters a URL address, the address does not really exist!  They 
are given a custom 404 error page that determines what information/site they 
are trying to view and the page is then created.

I need to know if Linux handles custom error messages the same as NT5.

Here's the scenario:

Let's say I call the following page:  

The page does not exist so the custom error page is called.  For now, I have 
phpinfo() in the custom error page.  On NT5, the following appears under the 

SCRIPT_NAME  = name of error page
QUERY_STRING = 404;http://domain.com/site/index.html?anyvar=yeah

Is this how the query string will appear on a Linux machine?  I need to know 
in order to parse the string right...

If it will appear differently, please let me know how.  Thanks in advance!!
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