On Monday 19 February 2001 21:00, ..s.c.o.t.t.. wrote:
> i am not positive about this, but you could try making
> the amp process a background process by adding a
> " &" to the end of the command line
> (at least if you're using *nix)

That alone won't help - "nohup" is also needed.
What he could do is write a small Perl/C wrapper for amp, which launches 
the program in the background and returns its process id. Then he can do a
$AmpPID = system ("launchamp $Arg");

(the wrapper would have to execute "nohup amp $Args &")

and add a 'stop' link
<a href="ampstop.php?pid=<?= $AmpPID ?>">Stop</a>

And ampstop.php can do a 
system ("kill -KILL $pid");

> >     However, when they click Play, I want the same page to be
> > reloaded again, with nothing selected, and their (previous) selection
> > to start playing in the background.  If they want to change their
> > selection, they can go ahead and pick other songs, and click Play
> > again - THIS is where the previous instance of the 'amp' program
> > should be killed, and a new one started, with the new play list
> > queued.  And of course, it should also have a Stop button on the page
> > somewhere.

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