I have a small login form on the home page of my site. At the moment, when
people enter their user details and hit 'send', they go to another page
which check their details and, if they are successful, prints a welcome
message. The problem is, they are now on this page and have to work their
way back to the home page. I can provide a link for this, of course, but
that limits the number of pages that can have such a login panel, because I
have to hand-code the return link.

I've experimented using $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] which seems to work here.
If the user enters valid login details, the session vars are set and they
are bounced automatically back to the original page - which is fab. But the
manual says that HTTP_REFERER is unreliable, so I'm intrigued to know
exactly what the problems are. Any ideas?

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