on 20/03/03 3:53 PM, John W. Holmes ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

>> And yes, definitely striptags(), and follow the advice on the rest of
> the
>> thread.
> I disagree. I think stripping HTML from my text is a horrible thing. If
> I want to put a <b> in my text, then use htmlentities() and show me a
> <b> when I look at it. Obviously you don't want to "evaluate" HTML, but
> the end result should be that I should see exactly what I typed into the
> text box. 

Depends if you want to allow formatting... I don't :)

I also haven't had the need to *display* HTML on any of my sites, so
stripping tags is what *I* do.

> If you need to allow formatted text, then use something like BBcode
> where you can specify exactly what is allowed.



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