I would be very grateful if someone could explain to me why this is
happening. I am trying to convert a date sent from a textfield. The
textfield is initially populated by a JavaScript calendar control. Using the
following code I am attempting to read in the date sent from the textfeild:

 //initialise dates for header of table
 if(isset($goto_date) == true){
  //use dates sent from form
  $full_date = date("dS of F", strtotime($_POST[input1]));
  $day = date(d, strtotime($_POST[input1]));
  echo "full_date: $full_date<br>";
  echo "day: $day<br>";
 } else {
  //use todays date
  $full_date = date("dS of F");
  $day = date(d);

but i keep getting this output:

full_date: 24th of August
day: 24

the javascript populates the textfield in the form off dd-mm-yyyy.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered

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