I am having problems sorting a multi-dimensional array. I am hoping that somebody can help me figure out what I am doing wrong. It should sort on the "field" than on the "fac". Here is my code:
-----start code-----

function cmp ($a, $b) {
GLOBAL $sortterm;
    return strcmp($a[$sortterm], $b[$sortterm]);

function get_locations(){
GLOBAL $sortterm;

usort($locs, "cmp");
usort($locs, "cmp");
while (list ($key, $value) = each ($locs)) {
echo $locs[$key][loc_id].", ".$locs[$key][fac].", ".$locs[$key][field]."<br>\n";
-----end code-----

Here is how it comes out when run:
12, Johnson County Community College, C
11, Johnson County Community College, B
13, Johnson County Community College, D
14, Johnson County Community College, E
10, Johnson County Community College, A
8, Johnson County Girls Athletic Assoc, D
6, Johnson County Girls Athletic Assoc, B
7, Johnson County Girls Athletic Assoc, C
5, Johnson County Girls Athletic Assoc, A
9, Shawnee Civic Center, 1
1, Tomahawk Sports Dome, 1
2, Tomahawk Sports Dome, 2
3, Tomahawk Sports Dome, 3
4, Tomahawk Sports Dome, 4

As you can see, the fac is sorted correctly, but the field isn't.


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