--- Edward Peloke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Forgive my ignorance of the subject but would this just say the card was
> valid?  How do you go about actually charging the users card and get the
> funds?

I think (without looking) Kevin's advice was to help you determine whether a
credit card number was of the valid format. Charging a credit card is not too
different online than it is at a physical cash register - you need a merchant
account, etc. Many banks provide some sort of API for you to use if you
establish a merchant account with them, especially since online transactions
have become more important.

Things like PayPal charge you a bit of money in exchange for them being the
merchant (as I understand it anyway).

So, there is no magic PHP code that is going to set this up for you. You need
to fill out some paperwork somewhere.


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