On Wednesday 26 March 2003 15:28, Steve Jackson wrote:
> Has anyone ever simply tried to pass information direct from the web
> into a secure Intranet mysql DB rather than to a web DB?

Haven't the faintest idea what you mean by "direct from the web" and "a secure 
Intranet mysql db" and "web DB". 

> I am thinking down one of three lines.
> 1) I use PHP to send an email with the data in it and update our
> internal DB manually (the worst case)

Can be done pretty easily.

> 2) I use PHP which takes data, sends it as an email, puts it into a form
> which then automatically updates our internal network (interesting idea
> but I have no clue if it can be done ;o)

Not sure what you mean here. How is it different from the above?

> 3) I use some sort of synchronisation so every time the web DB is
> updated our internal one is also updated (ideal).

See mysql replication.

> I would welcome any other ideas or solutions. Does mysql have any
> replication or synchronisation functions? I am told Oracle has but
> haven't seen this or heard of this with mysql.

Did you actually do any research? I'm sure if you google for "mysql 
replication" or "mysql synchronisation" you would get thousands of hits.

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