*blushes deeply*

It turns out my old php3.ini was still being loaded which had magic_quotes
turned ON!  Turning magic_quotes off of course fixed the problem.  My
thanks for your patience.


On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Tom Rogers wrote:

> Hi,
> Wednesday, March 26, 2003, 9:10:26 PM, you wrote:
> AD> Why is it that PHP does not automatically unescape data retrieved from a
> AD> mySQL query?  It seems to me that this should be the default behaviour as
> AD> the bulk of what PHP web scripts do is display said data.  I'm just
> AD> wondering if I'm missing some command or optional argument to make this
> AD> happen.  As it is, I had to write an array_stripslashes routine and run
> AD> every single db query I do through it.  Just seems odd to me.
> AD> Cheers!
> AD> --
> AD> Aaron Dalton
> AD> PGPKeyID# 0x65AB5571
> Sounds like your doing addslashes twice before storing the data.
> or magic_quotes_runtime is set on in your php.ini

Aaron Dalton
PGPKeyID# 0x65AB5571

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