What version of Apache are you using? Can you point us to a phpinfo() file?

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Repost because no one replied originally.  Are there any other lists
that anyone knows of for php that could be more helpful?  I'm quite
disappointed in this one because I thought this was a fairly easy
question for those who have been working with php for a while.

I have the following issue between my html forms and php scripts.

Html file (input.html) looks like this:
<form action="input.php" method=post>
  <input type="text" name="ttt">
  <p><input type=submit name=submit value="Submit"></p>

Php file (input.php) looks like this:
echo $ttt;

I can input text (i.e. superman) and then click submit.  The resulting
php page returns:


It seems to me that it must be something in the php.ini file that needs
to be changed, but I can't identify what exactly.  Any help would be

php 4.2.2

Tim Van Zee
ITS Network Specialist
Governors State University

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