Sure. You should use file functions like

to read the file and then maybe

to extract certain elements from the text.

Here is what i came up with:

print "<select>\n";
  print "<option> ".$matches[0]."\n";
print "</select>";

This should output:
<option> .heading
<option> .headingBold

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Subject: [PHP] Using PHP to read style sheet -- create drop-down?

Is it possible for PHP or maybe javascript+php to read
in a style sheet (whatever.css) and create a drop-down
of all the elements within that style sheet?

CSS contains:
.heading {blah blah size blah}
.headingBold {blah blah size blah bold}

Then in PHP I'd like to have a drop down that shows
those elements found in the style:

<option> heading
<option> headingBold

Is that possible to read in another file to create a

Thanks in advance!

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