Ok let be more specific about my idea. Because I'm better php programer
than C I decided to write this in php. I use comandline php.

I want to write some daemon to be started

./myprog &

Than this has to be run until I cancel it. But I also want to check
somehow, what this proces is doing right now.

for example like in apache.

you start it with apachectl start. than you can say apachectl restart to
reread config. And for example you could use apachectl status to output
some info about runing server.

This program I'll make will be run in infinite loop. It will be reading
some file on disk and doing something with this data.

Do I have to use any usleep function. What is with CPU % when i run such

Is there any real examples. I read on devshed article about TCP socket
listenig, but I don't like this.



Monday, July 7, 2003, 2:58:52 PM, you wrote:

>> Can somebody give me any workable example how to run some script written in
>> PHP in Unix console.

GD> #!/usr/local/bin/php -q
GD> <?php
GD> echo "Example script";

>> I wan't to write some server aplication. So it has to be run in the
>> backgroud.

GD> Have a look at the process control functions:
GD> http://php.net/pcntl

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