Hey Guys,
I need a little help coz I dont know if i have missed anything in my

I want to make "rateing/voteing system" (something like the one that is
being used at hotscripts) that will take around 5 parameters via radio
buttons and make sure that the person cant rate/vote more than once, what i
plan to do is first
check sessions
if session is not set
check cookie
if cookie is not set
if ip is not set
do a reverse ip check
if that too comes clean then allow the person a vote

as you can see i am trying my best to make sure that the visitor only votes
once, if he/she changes machines this wont work of course but as far as i
can see this should take care of around 99% of the visitors and allow a fair
voteing system...
If i have missed anything in the above or my logic is not good I am totally
open to suggestions/advise because as far as i know there is nothing out
there that is so secure...or am i wrong?

Rather than starting from scratch if any of you guys could recomend a
voteing system which i could tear its guts out and tailor to my needs, it
would be appreciated. I have already checked at hotscripts/scriptsSearch and
google and found quite a few but dont know which is good and have had no
experience with any of them..

(OT) sorry for the off topic bit here but i'm wondering if any of you guys
had this problem, suddenly my internet explorer (ver 5.5) is displaying
large fonts and something like 640x480 when my screen is on 800x600, this
problem is only with IE, the funny thing is it used to work fine before.

Thanks in advance,

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