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> From: "Robert Samuel White" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Reply-To: Robert Samuel White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 16:54:11 -0400
> Subject: [PHP] PHP/Content Management
> Just a quick message to let everyone know that after ten months I have
> finally released the first official open source version of eNetwizard
> Matrix Server, my sophisticated content management system and
> application server.  All it needs is PHP, MySQL, and Apache.  Full
> instructions are included on the website.  More information about it is
> below...
> About eNetwizard Matrix Server
> eNetwizard Matrix Server takes content management and web application
> serving to levels undreamt, infusing your web environment with sheer
> power and possibility.
> Cutting Edge Technology
> - Never before has a content management system been designed around
> the concept of a universal point of contact for all requests.  This
> server knows all, and delivers all.
> - Never before has a content management system been designed to render
> and manage the content of an unlimited number of domains and websites
> for an unlimited number of businesses and organizations.  Expect
> nothing less from our server.
> Core Features
> - Production Environment Ready.  The server before you has had no
> corners cut in its design.  It is stable and ready for production
> environments, with only a few minor limitations or idiocyncracies.  And
> it's free and open source.
> - Infinitely Expansive Design.  The server was designed to manage an
> infinite number of domains, websites, components, organizations,
> groups, and users, all from a single running copy of its distribution.
> - Complete Content Management.  The server manages the content of all
> mime types and can deliver the content to the requesting client based
> on customizable settings of the server for each mime type.
> - Seemless Integration with Other Server Software.  The server was
> designed to complement the job of the web server and server side
> scripting languages, and does not replace nor interfere with their
> purposes.  In fact, you can utilize all of them from within the system
> in a myriad of useful ways.
> - Language Independent.  The server, objects, and wizards were all
> designed to contain its strings in an XML localization file, allowing
> it to run in any language it has been translated into.  In a near
> future release, it will also be possible to render content into the
> language appropriate for the visitor.
> - Cascading Templates.  Web page design and layout are controlled by
> templates, allowing for quick and cost-effective website redesigns.
> Templates can be modified in real time, changing the layout, colors,
> and other style properties instantaneously.  Templates are cascading
> through the matrix folder, meaning templates can be defined for a
> single page or an entire domain or website.
> - Workflow Ready.  This version of the server includes everything
> needed to manage an infinite number of organizations, groups, and
> users, all with unique roles, policy permissions, and access rights
> throughout the matrix.  It lacks only a few things when it comes to
> workflow, and these added features will be included in a near future
> release.
> - Inclusive Session Management.  The server does not rely upon cookies
> at all to manage the individual sessions of each user accessing the
> server.  Instead, it automatically and uniquely propagates this
> information into each request and embeds the information into every
> link managed by the server.
> - Search Engine Aware.  The server automatically disables sessions for
> known search engines, preventing them from including session
> information in their indexes.  This is also useful if you wish to
> create a page for the search engine that does not include the template,
> thereby only showing the content of the page to the search engine for
> indexing.
> - Browser Aware.  The server automatically determines browser
> information from each visitor and assigns it to their session.  Some of
> the collected information includes the user's languages and screen
> resolution, as well as their browser capabilities.  This information is
> made available via the $Core->BrowserInfo[] array.
> - Extensive Logging.  The server logs activity to all components, from
> websites and pages to files and objects.  It logs all form post and get
> data, cookies, system functions, and script warnings and errors,
> depending upon your configuration.  It also logs all attempts at
> treacherous activity anywhere within the system!
> - Wizardly Management.  The server includes a built-in wizard
> component, which includes the eNetwizard Control Panel, for easy
> management of every aspect of the server.  As expressed by a recent
> user of the Control Panel, it's "overwhelmingly powerful."
> - Customizable Website Applications.  Objects are a powerful way to
> make use of the server, allowing you to click once and build anything
> from a guestbook or newsletter to a first-class e-commerce application,
> rendered in the style properties appropriate for the website, and fully
> managed from the eNetwizard Control Panel.
> - Much More!
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