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> --- Burhan Khalid <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Next thing, please add a reply-to header that has the lists mailing
> > address.
> This is a topic of debate, and many people (including myself) would urge
> to ignore this advice. Mangling mail headers can have bad consequences,
> there is very little reason to do so. If people want to reply to the
> they can. If they want to reply to all, they can do that, too. Intelligent
> clients even allow you to reply to list.
> Mangling the Reply-To header just screws all of this up. It's as annoying
> those phone number form fields that automatically tab over.
> Chris
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You make an interesting point however the problem is people reply to this
list using Email, Newsgroup and Web-based clients.  The clients don't all
put the same information in their headers and they don't all understand the
same headers.  If it were strictly a newsgroup list or strictly an email
list or strictly a web-based list then Yes you would have a valid point.
But if the list is to remain open to these different portals then you are
going to have to live with the occasional broken thread.

Case in point... => ME <=... I only recently moved from an Email client to a
Newsgroup client to view this list and I had no idea what-so-ever that any
of my replies were breaking threads.  It was a real eye opener.  :-)

- Kevin

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