I am running PHP 4.3.0 on a WinXPpro machine and I recently got problem with

What I am building is a loginsystem and I need to save some parameters in
session variables. This works fine on my Win2k pro machine but when I moved
it to winXP it creates two different sessions when I set the $_SESSION
variables. here is some psedo code:

1. When going to any page first thing is to check if permission is set and
also setting a session variable with the pagename (to use as an redirct
later on)
2. after setting the session variable an file is included that performs the
actual login or permission check. In this file another session variable is
set after the login is made, and now starts the weard thing, because now a
new sessionID will be created and if I look in the sessiondata directory
there will be 2 files (with different session ids) that has all the data I
have set but in 2 files.

The first session variable is set from a PHP file in one directory and then
the include file is in another directory and that seems to be the problem
because if I move the first PHP file into the include file directory it will
all work just fine.

Please say you have some comments on what the problem is.

Thanx in advance

/ Mikael

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