--- Curt Zirzow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> whats PECL?  its funny though I do a google search on PECL and PEAR
> comes up...

PECL is a bunch of PHP extensions written in C, just like the PHP extensions
that come with the standard PHP distribution. It is an attempt to get the
non-essential features out of the core PHP, so that release cycles are more
sane and Web developers have more control over what functions they really need
to be compiled in (you can tune your PHP engine to be the stuff you need and
nothing else - lean and mean).

PEAR is a bunch of classes written in PHP, so they're no different than if you
wrote the same code yourself. It's just a nice way to share solutions to common
problems, and these solutions are well tested (many people using the same code,
so bugs are more easily discovered and resolved), adhere to PEAR coding
standards, and easy to install (much easier than writing the same code

Hope that helps.


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