Sunday, August 24, 2003, 2:32:01 AM, you wrote:

MW> That's the error I find in the apache-log. On the screen, I get
MW> nothing but a white page. By the way I have error_reporting(E_ALL);
MW> but I never get errors reported...

MW> PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:  () in 

MW> Your script is working. But mine not... is it because I'm on a output
MW> buffer? I use ob_start() just before, because the real output is
MW> produced by the function I want to call with the eval method...

MW> Here the part of my script:

MW> $query = "SELECT pagename FROM pages";
MW> $result = mysql_query($query);
MW> $a = 0;
MW> while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_BOTH)){
MW>   $page[$a] = $row["pagename"];
MW>   $fct[$a] = $page[$a];
MW>   $fct[$a] = substr($fct[$a],1);
MW>   $fct[$a] = str_replace(".php", "", $fct[$a]);
MW>   $fct[$a] = ucfirst($fct[$a]);
MW>   $a++;
MW> }
MW> mysql_free_result($result);

MW> ob_start();

MW> for($b = 0; $b < sizeof($fct); $b++){
MW>   if($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] == $page[$b])
MW>     eval('${"content".$fct}[$b]();');
MW> }

MW> ...

MW> The "pagename" in the database is stored like /about.php so I change
MW> it to About in the while-loop.

MW> The eval method is there to replace my actual code (which is static):
MW> if($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] == "/login.php")
MW>   contentLogin();
MW> if($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] == "/logout.php")
MW>   contentLogout();

MW> ...

MW> Using the "if-cascade", it is working, for you to know that the
MW> mistake is definitly in the eval()-method...

MW> Thx for your time...


MW> -- 
MW> Who is the ennemy?


Ok we have to do it in 2 steps like this:



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