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SW>  From what I see, the default timeout for a session is 1440 seconds or  
SW> 24 minutes. I was gone for nearly an hour, came back, and the session  
SW> was still valid. Must the value set in the config file be different  
SW> than 1440, or am I misunderstanding session.gc_maxlifetime? I'd like  
SW> for the user to be required to log in if they've been inactive for 10  
SW> minutes, or if they closed the browser window and opened another one.

SW> Sorry for all the basic questions :)

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The session timeout just sets the maximum time before the session data
becomes valid for a garbage collect. If a garbage collect is not
triggered the data is still valid as far as php is concerned. You have
to implement your own timeout checks if you need exactly 24 minutes.
You can do this by storeing the last accessed time in the $_SESSION
array and check it on each start.
I think by default garbage is collected 1 in every 100 hits. (1%)
If it done on every hit it would start to impact performance on busy


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