"First thing is, it's possible"

First of all PHP is server-side and has nothing to do with client side.
If you have managed to do this, you must have some concepts
screwed up! Lets not believe that PHP is client side all of a sudden!
Sorry mac -> But you havnt done this in the past!

a) On the other hand, there is a way you can do what U want -> thanks
to the fact that Javascript is able to load a datafile. If this file is a
PHP file that is processed serverside you will accomplish your goals.

b) Latest addons from Microsoft into Internet explorer makes the loading
of ekstra files through XML modules very flexible and easy. Ive done this
myself and it works like a breeze. If you here load the XML data, instead
the data is your DB data and use this in your JS as the XML parser has
loaded it into variable... You have accomplished your goal.

That was 2 sollutions you could use, were noone are any good really.
Ive made some sites myself that are interactive in many ways earlier, and
come to the conclusion that the pages just have to become bigger.

An example, a webstore sollution I have developed has an interactive menu
selector buildt in javascript, which stores all possible category
To keep it short here -> This javascript after its buildt by my PHP is
and makes the HTML very large, it ends up in like 150 KB. Point is, if there
were a sollution you are talking about -> I could have shrinked the 120KB
kode down to 10KB instead, just pulling out the data from the DB that the
customer aquired. Ive spent hours looking for this sollution, and above you
got the ones Ive come about, where the XML is the one accually working.
(Point out that the XML model doesnt handle  characters -> which
resulted in me not using this. If it could handle this, XML would be my


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