Dear Mr Jay Blanchard

That is exactly my Point of Argument. Programmers who are well versed with
assembly language and Programmers who have written
C Compilers should be knowing the Process of Delinking and as well as

Is it not possible for the Programmer who has written C Compiler(Who is also
an assembly Language Expert) say on Unix or Windows then why not he will be
able to do the reverse engineering Process of extracting the source code
with 100% Reliability ??

I feel so that he should succeed with the Reverse Engineering Process of
Extracting the original source code(.c files) from .exe binary file.

Are you getting my Point?

Pls give your opinion on this asap


Prashant A

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 Step 1 :       .exe binary file ------ Linker (assembly language)
.......... .obj file/s

 Step 2 :        .obj file/s -------- .c (Compiler) source code file/s

Is it Right or i am going somewhere illogical?

Really this cannot be done with any degree of reliability, if at all.
The .obj file has been stripped of things and has had additional code
placed into it. This is dependent upon the compiler (.obj files from
compiler to compiler have different looks to them based on several
items. Makefiles are different.).The .exe file is a translation of the
.obj into assembly language.

Does the compiled code you want to use have hooks into it, an API? If so
you can use PHP to interact with the API.

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