We use XMLRPC to communicate between flash & PHP. I presume it can be
coupled with sockets if you should need a permanent connection as well.

It has worked perfectly for pretty much anything we throw at it (It allows
you to send any PHP or Action script native data type, e.g. arrays,
Booleans, integers etc. back and forth across the web)

Obvious security implications about, so be very very careful with what you
do with the data received. Trust no one! Not even your own Flash Client.

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Subject: [PHP] Flash-PHP Socket Connection

Hi everybody

I'm working on a site that will be based on Flash, PHP and MySQL. PHP will
work as a middleware for Flash and MySQL.

My problem is communication between Flash and PHP.
I'm really out looking for using the socket functions in PHP and Flash to
make fast connection.

I have googled for almost an hour now, and I can't seem to find any
interesting. The only info I find, is about sending data between Flash and

So if anybody has some general information on this or a link to a tutorial
on the subject, I would like to get those resources.

Thanks a lot


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