Tobias Neumann wrote:


I have the same script on two webservers with php 4.3.9 and apache 2, both
with the same php configurations. On one server I can not access
$_FILES or $HTTP_POST_FILES, although a form with a file has been
correctly submitted.

Quick question: is file uploads enabled on this server and is the temporary directory writable?

apache_request_headers() contains:

[Content-Type] => multipart/form-data;
[Content-Length] => 5779

So php should have received the form data. I can access $_GET and $_POST
without any problem.

$_FILES and $HTTP_POST_FILES do simply not exist, and when I try
to access them I just get an undefined index error, or with print_r() an
empty array.

 Tobias Neumann

Raditha Dissanayake.
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