Alessandro Rosa wrote:

That's even more confusing. You run php scripts off a
web server and not an FTP server.

Ok ... the server I'm dealing with works for both services. But let me re-explain the question in new terms.

I have a bunch of php scripts on a web server.
I just wanted to know if it is possible to deny access
permissions for some of such scripts to a public user
but not to other scripts staying on the same server.

I see. In that case though this is not a php problem. This is a problem about setting the right permissions on your file system - for which you will need to refer to the documentation for chown and chmod. Your FTP server may also have what is known as a 'chroot' mode where users will be prevented from browsing outside their home folder.

Having said all that we had a big discussion about a month ago on protecting scripts on a shared server and the generall consensus was that there is always a loop hole.

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