Don't be rude.  I've already don't all of that.  Nothing came up.  I've been
programming for 20 years (since I was 11 years old) so I'm not a slacker
when it comes to learning new things, however, I have always found regular
expressions to be extremely difficult.  Someone here might have the answer I
need, and if so, I'd appreciate a response.  If you don't know the answer,
don't reply.  Simple enough, don't you think?

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Robert Samuel White wrote:
> Can someone help me modify the following code?
> It was designed to search for all instances of [LEVEL#]...[/LEVEL#]
> I need a preg_match_all that will search for all of instances of an URL.
> It should be sophisticated enough to find something as complicated as
> http(s)://
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!

so your looking for a regular expression that is *totally* different
from the regular expression you have... the two have nothing in common.

do you expect us to do the complete rewrite for you or do you want to
learn abit about regexps yourself? (that probably sounds arrogant, so it
help to know even the most experienced people (a group I don't consider
part of) here have [and do] get told to RTFM on occasion - no one is safe

I suggest using a search engine to start with and see what that turns up...
somehow I can't believe that nobody has ever written a regexp that matches
for instance try reading this page in the manual (hint: look at the the user

come back when/if you get stuck.

> preg_match_all('#\[LEVEL([0-9])\](.*)\[/LEVEL[0-9]]#Uim', $arcContent,
> $tmpMatches);
> $arcContent = preg_replace('#\[LEVEL([0-9])\](.*)\[/LEVEL[0-9]]#Uim',
> '###URL###', $arcContent); 

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