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Saturday, July 14, 2007, 8:07:43 PM, you wrote:

> Previously I had PHP on my older computer using IIS 5.1 it worked fine. But
> I'm on my new computer using IIS 7 and features like include or completely
> normal scripts that use to work no longer work. I have try to see if it's
> the web server and some of the times for the exception of the include 
> function  it is. How would I fix my main server IIS 7, is the new PHP 5.2
> fully compatible with it? If not when will a fully functional PHP be 
> available for work with IIS 7. In my php.ini file I began by using the
> recommended file and slightly modifying it enabling gd2, openssl and mysql.

PHP 5.2 works fine on IIS7. You didn't say which version of PHP you
had before you installed 5.2, but given you said that 'normal scripts
no longer work', I'll bet it wasn't 5.2, probably even PHP 4. Meaning
the changes you are seeing are because of the upgrade in PHP, not IIS.
Without you confirming though, who knows.


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