Hey there!
I'm kind of lost with how str_replace , preg_replace, ereg_replace or even explode are handling a "\n"-ewline.

I have a text string from a form and am trying to replace the "\n" or chr(10) or however you might call the newline with a simple html break tag.

If I use the replacing functions I get the <br>-tags where there are newlines from the textarea of the form. BUT I still have the newlines remain.

So I tried a different approach breaking the text down into an array using:
     explode(' ', $string)
in conjunction with trim() and again made a string out of the array. - <br>-tags still there, newlines aswell -.-'

Next thing I tried was exploding the string using the "\n" and chr(10).
This function ignored all newlines and gave me an array with one key and the entire text of the textarea as value.... Oh... and the newlines of course were there aswell...

So... How can I get rid of these?! - I just want them gone!

Is it even possible under windows? ^^

Thanks a lot in advance


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