On 8/10/07, Richard Heyes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > That is it works with just me using the site.  I am wondering how this would
> > effect performance if say 500 people were executing this php function around
> > the same time and the processing overlapped.  Is there anyway to make an
> > executable run as a service, I am guessing at the terminology that I should
> > use here, but I feel there would be a much more efficient way of performing
> > this task.
> Well, ideally you don't run an executable. But if you must, there's some
> Windows program that turns an executable into a service. But then
> there's the consideration of communicating with it, which you could do
> with sockets. Or you could use a file.
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I don't know if there a program exists that can "convert" the program
to a service, I think you need to compile it as a service from source
code, but as I mentioned in my first post, and you mentioned here too,
you also need to add support for a socket server in your program.
Sockets in PHP are easy ;)


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