i've reinstalled the complete server and i use apache module to load

However, if i uncomment in PHP.INI the extension=php_openssl.dll, it still
does not appear on screen when i use phpinfo() function.
i've tried also to uncomment some other extension and they also are not
displayed during the phpinfo().

So i though that i modified the wrong php.ini file, but when i checked it
seemed ok.

here is what i get during phpinfo() screen :

Configuration File (php.ini) Path C:\WINDOWS Loaded Configuration File
i do not have any php.ini in C:\windows folder so php.ini is directly loaded
from D:\webserver\PHP\ folder.

does someone see from where could the problem come ?

thanks a lot
Windows XP SP2
PostgreSQL 8.1.4
Apache 2.2.4
PHP 5.2.1

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