Um yeah. The site hasn't been updated for years. Plus I'm unable to find any actual content on anything there. I looked through the indexes but didn't find anything.

""Nathan Nobbe"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

though i havent used code igniter i consider the tutorials on the site
demonstrating how to use it quite valuable.
i think they are valuable because they can show people who arent familiar w/
a development flow,
using an mvc framework, what its like, in general.
i have heard good things about code igniter.

if you want to learn the core values, i recommend opp and design patterns.
here is a nice free site to get you headed in the right direction for php.


On 8/9/07, Steve Finkelstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi all,

This isn't a 'which framework is better than the other' question. I'm a
novice developer and I'm looking to conform to an MVC model for my
applications. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough and has used
code igniter, to respond to me and let me know their thoughts on it, and
it's a good framework to work with as a novice.

I eventually hope to learn the core values and build my own robust

Thanks :-)

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