I have a suspicion that this is something like.

1. User enters info
2. Checks if info is indeed valid
   |_ If not then ask the user for correct info
3. Done process the info

Is this right?

You can do this buy having PHP post to itself, it checks if the info is valid and if it isn't it renders a page asking for correct info and resubmits to itself till it gets what it wants. Then it does whatever you want it to.

Other than that yes, it can be somewhat annoying trying to move data between PHP files, especially if you want seperate scripts to be more object oriented in that each has a specific function. Does anyone know of an easy to pass data between PHP files?

- Dan

""Tony Di Croce"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
I keep wanting to do something, and either I dont know how to do it, or I'm
doing something wrong and need to rethink things.

Quite often, I have a form that submits to a php script via POST and after
doing some processing (or more frequently, asking the user a question), I'd
like to forward those $_POST[] vars to another script (or even the same

I could do something complicated and store the $_POST vars in $_SESSION[],
but what I'd rather do is simply add a var to $_POST[] and resubmit this to
the same .php.

Is their any way to do this, or do I need to rethink things?


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