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Friday, October 5, 2007, 1:28:35 PM, you wrote:

> This is indeed the complete code, I did not cut anything out for  
> brevity, which is why this appears to be so impossible.

> eAccelerator is activated, could something be corrupt? Could a  
> corrupt index cause this?

> In table1, `referer` is int(12).
> In table2, `data` is text
> In table2, `friend_id` is mediumint(9) - which I see is a problem in  
> some cases, $referer can (rarely) be 10 digits long, so I just  
> changed it to int(12)

The number in () after the int doesn't apply to the number of digits
it can contain. A mediumint field will never hold a value above
16,777,215 assuming you are using an unsigned field, otherwise the
limit is a mere 8,388,607 - neither of which are big enough to hold the
value you're trying to put into it (69,833,818)

An unsigned int field MAY be enough, the limit being 4,294,967,295 -
but if you've got a 10 digit value LARGER than this, it'll still fail.
Meaning you either need to use a bigint field, or rethink how you are
storing these values in the first place.


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