i've got a project (goal) where i'm looking for a webbased app that
drives/runs/monitors different linux/system processes. i'm basically looking
for different apps that i can look at to get ideas/see their
layout/structure. i'm going to have to create a similar app to run some
processes that i'm dealing with.

i'm currently looking/searchin sourceforge.net/freshmeat/etc.. but i thought
i'd fire off the question here as well, in case someone has an app that
they're aware of that you can pass on to me..

my overall/ultimate goal is going to be to interface with underlying
database/tbls, to drive processes on a distributed network of machines that
i'm putting together... so i'm going to need to be able to to
monitor/start/stop a number of different apps that i create. i'm also
looking to be able to see past history of the apps that have been run using
the webapp...

but for now, any app that i can find that allows a user to manage/start/stop
different processes on a server/network would be useful.. (already looked at


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