I need simple CMS sistem that I could use as a staring point (to save some
time in setting up the structure) in developing my own CMS. The code
should be simple to understand so that I can easily get on and start
building on it. It would be of great help if it already had features like
statistics, rss feeds, and multi-language support (visitors can click on
the flag at the top of the page and have the pages display the content in
that particular language), but if it doesn't it's okay I would build them.

For example Joomla seems to be too powerfull, and pretty diffucult to
understand at the coding level in order to customize it to serve my
specific needs.

Does anyone know of any promising open source CMS project that I could use
in this respect?

bitweaver ...
Just select the packages you want when you install, and add other
facilities latter as you need them ...

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