'Twas brillig, and Nick Cooper at 12/02/09 11:38 did gyre and gimble:

a1: 09d264fcececf51c822c9382b40e3edf
a2: 45701af64172cbc2a33069dfed73fd07
a3: 09d264fcececf51c822c9382b40e3edf
a4: 09d264fcececf51c822c9382b40e3edf

Thanks let me know how I should proceed with this.

Confirmed here. I get different hashes, but the same pattern:

a1: 79eff28a9757f1a526882d82fe01d0f3
a2: 4cec55f17563fe4436164f438de7a88c
a3: 79eff28a9757f1a526882d82fe01d0f3
a4: 79eff28a9757f1a526882d82fe01d0f3

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