Hi Nathan/Torok...

Hey guys... got a bit of a question.

I'm playing around with the php/for/pcntl_exec functions and I've got a process 
that spawns off a bunch of child processes. Unfortunately, I'm getting to where 
I have 100's of zombie child processes that I can see from the 

I don't want to have my master loop do a waitpid() call, as it would block on 
the wait for one of the child processes to exit. I recognize that the 
zombie/child process is essentially a placeholder in the processTBL slt, and 
really doesn't take up any system resources, but I'd still like to have the 
zombie processes removed. 

I'm wondering. Is it possible to fork off a process, and have it essentially do 
the wait on all the zombie/shild processes from the parent app? Or would this 
be a peer process, waiting on it's peers?



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