>> > Hmm, I'll try taking down the optimizer and seeing if it segfaults or
>> > not. If that's what it is it's a crying shame that apc and
>> > zend_optimizer can't get along.
>> maybe give eaccelerator a shot, i believe theyve got an optimizer in there.
>> im not sure how it stacks up to zend's, but it will do both caching and
>> optimization, afaik.  also, you will find a not yet stable optimization
>> extension haging out in pecl for apc,
>> http://pecl.php.net/package/optimizer
>> -nathan
> I'd recommend using X-Cache. I've had nothing but good experiences with it.

i would also recommend x-cache.
it's incredibly fast and stable.
i could also cache data on memory with it.
have used it on high traffic sites with no problem ever since.


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