> I need simple CMS sistem that I could use as a staring point (to save some
> time in setting up the structure) in developing my own CMS. The code
> should be simple to understand so that I can easily get on and start
> building on it. It would be of great help if it already had features like
> statistics, rss feeds, and multi-language support (visitors can click on
> the flag at the top of the page and have the pages display the content in
> that particular language), but if it doesn't it's okay I would build them.
> For example Joomla seems to be too powerfull, and pretty diffucult to
> understand at the coding level in order to customize it to serve my
> specific needs.
> Does anyone know of any promising open source CMS project that I could use
> in this respect?
> Thanks,
> Dzenan
I haven't tried them, but I would suspect if you want something simple
that you can extend, you might look at some of the simple or alpha/beta
CMSs that have been developed in a PHP framework.  There are several in
the cake forge for the cakephp framework and I'm sure other frameworks
have 1 or more.


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