James Colannino wrote:
> Hey everyone.  I've been reading the list for a long time, but have only
> really posted to the mailing list a few times.  I just had a quick
> question about MySQL.  I'm not sure if this is exactly relevant to PHP,
> but it is for a PHP application I'm writing, so hopefully that makes
> this question ok :)
> Basically, I was wondering if there are any queries in MySQL that I can
> use to determine the data types used to construct a pre-existing table. 
> The reason I ask is that I went back to look at the data in a table I've
> been using for a while and realized that I forgot to document what the
> data types were (DOH!)  I'm sure there's something, but I wasn't quite
> sure what to google for, so I wasn't really able to turn up anything.
> Thanks!
> James
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