I haven't figured from your sayings if my solutions worked? I haven't tested
them so I thought you would check them out ;)


On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 6:59 PM, Michael N. Madsen <m...@criion.net> wrote:

> Sorry for not including a a code example of the template.
> <html>
> ..
>        <div>{$content}</div>
> This template I read into a variable using file_get_contents() so I don't
> think escaping php will work but I will have to test this.
> Your suggestion for the heredoc problem is simple, yet I didn't think of it
> :D
> Thanks for help, I'll post back when I have tested it.
> For others who come across this situation, the way I solved it was to
> simply use the addslashes()/stripslashes() functions as they only target
> double quotes by default. Should be (much?) less cpu intensive then using
> htmlspecialchars() as most of the html template would be altered.
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