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>$a = array("a", "b", "c", "d");
>how to list:
>who have idea ? thank you very much !!

If you are talking about arrays of strings,use my function larec (list array 
This has proved to be one of the most useful things I have ever written.  The 
parameter is the name of the array (or subsection of an array) you wish to 
list, and the
second parameter is the arbitrary name used for the array in the listing.  (it 
would be
quite easy to modify the procedure to use the actual name of the array, but I 
wrote it
this way, and it is quite handy to be able to use different names if you are 
different sections of the same array. It will work with an array of almost any 
I have seen it choof out (almost instantly!) several thousand lines.
// Expand string array, & list all terms
function larec($array, $line) // List array recursive
        if (is_array($array))
                $j = count ($array);
                $temp = array_keys($array);
                $i = 0; while ($i < $j)
                                $new_line = $line."['".$temp[$i]."']";
                                larec ($array[$temp[$i]], $new_line);
                echo '<p>'.$line.' = '.$array.'</p>';
This is a sample of part of a listing. The call for this would have been 'larec
($wkg_data[$entry], 'Entry');

Entry['phone']['ph_o'] = 9978 4749
Entry['phone']['ph_h'] = 
Entry['phone']['ph_m'] = 
Entry['phone']['ph_f'] = 9978 4516
Entry['phone']['ph_a'] = 02
Entry['phone']['ph_e'] = 
Entry['phone']['ph_w'] = 
Entry['phone']['ph_b'] = 

Entry['bursary']['CY']['b_name'] = Cybec Scholarship
Entry['bursary']['CY']['b_status'] = 
Entry['bursary']['EB']['b_name'] = Evan Burge Scholarship
Entry['bursary']['EB']['b_status'] = 
Entry['bursary']['MAP']['b_name'] = Cybec MAP Scholarship
Entry['bursary']['MAP']['b_status'] = 

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